Guillaume Meigniez

Data Visualization Developer and Designer

Hi 🙋🏻‍♂️, I'm Guillaume Meigniez, a French creative engineer. I do front-end development and data visualization for a living. I'm currently front-end dev at Manadge in Paris! Get in touch!

Recent Projects

Web app / Dataviz

Clubbing Feels - A contextualized exploration of western Europe clubbing culture

This project is a web-based application that focuses on exploring the spread of music genres in Western Europe clubbing culture.

The application is mainly exploratory. Based on all the events held in the biggest nightclubs of Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris and London in 2018, I build interactive maps and abstract designs that show the way people listen to different kind of music.

Trying to bring context to the data visualization designs, I included the genres backgrounds and stories about the cities relationship to clubbing culture as far as nightlife and urbanism are concerned.

clubbingfeels example use

Web app / Design

Gooey Generator - The gooey2SVG tool for developers and designers

Through my personal and professional projects, I have had to use the gooey effect a few times. Manipulating the SVG filters for finding the right colors with the right gooey intensity and the right dispositions can require a lot of patience.

This tool is for the web designers or developers who want to create gooey designs super easily.

gooey generator example use

Case study / Dataviz

Data Humanism - The design-first humanization of running dataviz reports

The world is made of complicated mechanisms and interactions. Thus, the data capturing the world is also complex. But do we always consider this complexity when working with data ?

If we don't, maybe using our digital tools to find answers to generic pre-existing questions is not the only way of behaving with data.

I like running a lot. And I sometimes use a running app that tracks my runs and sums it up into data visualization designs. In this propject, I have tried to design my own running reports with a data humanist point of view.

data humanism example use

Sewing / Design / Web Dev

André·e Lawrance - An experimental fashion brand for experimental fashion people

A few years ago, I bought an ridiculously expensive embroidery machine. I was finishing my master’s degree at Télécom SudParis, and I was looking for new creative activities. Eventually the machine was too hard to use, and it ended up gatering dust under a table.

A year later, motivated by some friends and bored at work, I decided to learn how to sew. I build a table, gathered some approximative sewing tools and cheap fabric, and downloaded patterns from the internet. I sew clothes for myself at first, and soon I wanted to show what I was creating.

I made the brand André·e Lawrance. André·e is a fictional character who’s gender is undefined. And the clothes are unisex. André·e has a story which is told through the clothes. The colours, the fabrics, the forms are all symbols of what Andre.e lives.

This experience of creating a fictional character brought me to draw the patterns for shorts, pants and bags, to take the pictures, to organize shootings, to design a coherent universe for the first chapter of André·e Lawrance’s story, to build websites, and to write the stories.

Andree Lawrance example use


Speaking time repartition - The exploration of French speaking time inequalities in major medias

In 2019, a study claimed that on the radio and on tv, women were given half as much speaking time as men. Thanks to the work of David Doukhan and Jean Carrive and thanks to the French open data platform I could analyze the data related to that study. I made an interactive data visualization to highlight the speaking time differences.

On some media the gaps are indeed alarming.

Temps de parole example use