The goal is to make bags for André·e L. that are solid and convenient. Unlike those made for the first chapter, these should be waterproof, thick and not too big. Perfect for the city market or strawberry picking in the rain.

Bag full of strawberries

During summer, I went to Brittany and took a few pictures. I went to La Pointe Du Bill to shoot a sailing class, and to l’île d’Arz to get some hydrangeas pics. A collection of the pictures taken is available here. With those, I made large digital collages, and printed them on waterproof fabric. The print was made with Contrado which I tried ordering at for the first time. For the fabric I chose (Tissu imperméable respirant 155g/m²) the result is really worth the price.

Collage of brittany pictures Collage of brittany pictures
Printed fabric Printed fabric

I then cut the fabric, and sewed the bags along with a layer of a dark blue satin on the inside. The result is soft & strong & cute.

Bag in front of the library Bag in front of the library Bag in front of the library

It’s always hard to find the right fabric for a project. Even though I live down the street from the largest Parisian fabric shops, it’s the discovery of a fabric that sparks the will to make a project, and rarely the other way around. And buying fabric online is quite scary and ends up more expensive. I’m glad it was actually pretty easy to print custom fabric, and I’m glad the result matches the expectations!