In 2020 I started sewing again. I made my first jackets based on a pattern I drew from a second hand jacket I found at a Guerrida shop.

I’ve been willing for 2 years to make a sewing project with some kind of data visualization involved. Since I saw the Arte documentary “Fashion Geek”, I follow and admire the work of Clara Daguin and Ying Gao. They both include elecronic devices in clothes to convey impressions, and to explore the interfaces between body and technology.

I’ve been making 2 jackets, 2 shorts and I’ll try to make 2 hats and 2 bags. I want to use geospatial sensors attached to the clothes, and then use the data to produce sounds made of samples. The sound would be linked to the movement. For this I need to do a few things :

None of this points is finished yet, but I’ve started working on all of them.

Blue fabric being cut on the ground Close up of the sewing of the zip for the jacket
Jacket under a plant Close up of the sewing of the zip for the jacket

To be continued…