Oops I did it again… Making this personal website again is probably a waste of time. But the previous version that I made a year ago was too much inaccessible. I would avoid opening it on my phone when my power level was too low, or the ReactJS + ThreeJS + unoptimized GLSL Shaders would kill it.

Thus it was painful to update any content. This time I tried a new exercise, instead of making something cool that barely works, I tried to make something boring that works everywhere for everyone. Even the fact that I’ve had this thinking is unoriginal as an (almost senior) front-end developer.

I need a space to document what I do as a front-end developer, as a creative data-visualization developer, and as a sewing amateur. For this, I was inspired by simple yet effective personal websites/blogs in the tech world such as muan.co, macwright.com and overreacted.io.

I used hexo as the base for creating a blog-friendly website with my own custom template. Even tho the documentation could be clearer it does the job well and I enjoy building it.

But hexo plugins didn’t offer what I was looking for as far as images management is concerned, besides a lazy-loading plugin (the problem being that loading images is what takes the most times). I tried building a S3 with a serverless image handler, like adults do. And I couldn’t. It reassures me that I’m not strong enough mentally to be a back-end developer. I’m too much afraid that one of the 100 services set up doesn’t have the right security or isn’t adapted, and I’ll end up paying 1000s of dollars for a small mistake.

I found out that Flickr allows you to store 1000 images for free in any resolution, and they automatically create tons of different resolutions for each images that can be retrieved with a simple param in the url 🎉 Which is all I asked for.

You can find the code for this blog here.